Cigarette Magic Trick

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Richard begay from Pinedale | Sunday, 23-12-12
F.Y.I i <3 dicks big ones and i said wht ice said on his computer to so yea
skye from south africa | Friday, 06-07-12
I'm loving this shit
Brady Szabo from Connellsville Pa | Thursday, 14-06-12
I am working on a web design for a client and wanted to know If I could embed your tricks on her site, I think it would work because You have your website address mentioned and she would have some entertainment. on her site. So they'd mess with it in the bar, then go home and watxh agaIN and try to perfect it., getting you more traffic on your site.
Elen from Ice Cream Town | Sunday, 10-06-12
Good Trick!
mohit from beri | Tuesday, 17-04-12
i know magic tricks

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