Cigarette Magic Trick

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Matt from Hoquiam WA | Friday, 18-11-11
Ray don't be a dick
Ray from ny | Thursday, 10-11-11
I'm glad im from america were i can smoke some dank ass weed and dank ass newports, while u sand niggers smoke ur sand stick camels and ride camels u sandy sand niggers
ray from NY | Thursday, 10-11-11
This would work to an extent, 95% of peoples friends are dumb asses anyways, you just have to find the right way to blow, not to hard, not to soft lol
mordechai from | Monday, 26-09-11
you prolly have to blow from your diaphragm, not your mouth, so you can't really tell
tham 20 from | Friday, 23-09-11

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