Coin Puzzle

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Pypebedly from | Wednesday, 05-09-12
I cannt upload image file in new topic. Use only jpeg files

Can you tell me step by step how to make it?
ribby from blackpool | Wednesday, 05-09-12
a friend of mine tried this trick out on me. he stated the exact rules that you also stated. Because of this i was able to complete in 3 Moves. This is done by rotating the pairs of coins. to do in 5 moves over rotate them. Just in case anyone is using this, stating the no rotating will stop snaky bastards like me
martin from | Wednesday, 18-07-12
sorry for the first post
the space between the coins was killed
i try it again

martin from | Wednesday, 18-07-12

you can do it regulary in only three moves:

cCc Cc

Andreas from Denmark | Saturday, 19-05-12

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