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Zachariah Schimp from Michigan | Sunday, 25-03-12
Just found a loophole in your instructions. You failed to instruct that the two adjacent coins being moved should not be turned while moving them. I say this because I just ordered the coins (applying every rule you have stated in the video) in only 2 moves, and I did this by turning the 2nd and 3rd coins while moving them out of their positions and then back into the same position, only now they are switched. I then took the 2 silver coins on the end (the one on the end plus the one i just switched) and moved those over to the right side, next to the other silver coin. So, to make the trick more challenging, I would add to the rules that you cannot turn coins around. putting them back in the same position they were when you moved them is okay, as this obviously would not mess up the order. But switching the right and left coins selected, and then putting them back in the space they were in before you moved them, would be simply too easy to figure out.
ban from | Wednesday, 09-11-11
correction done in two moves
ban from | Wednesday, 09-11-11
i did it in three
happy to say how
Jedi from | Saturday, 03-09-11
You move 2 coins of the same type in your last step.
Hoch from | Thursday, 18-08-11
it's also possible with 4 moves!!
start like: o=o=o take the 2 from the right to the left
==> =oo=o again 2 from the right to the left
==> =o=oo an now number 2&3 to the left
==> o== oo and now the last two...
==> ooo==

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