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Hoch from | Thursday, 18-08-11
it's also possible with 4 moves!!
start like: o=o=o take the 2 from the right to the left
==> =oo=o again 2 from the right to the left
==> =o=oo an now number 2&3 to the left
==> o== oo and now the last two...
==> ooo==
Andy from Germany | Monday, 18-07-11
Not a bad one, but what if i bet that i can do this with only 4 moves but still the same rules :)
Andrean from | Saturday, 09-04-11
Toq sait e super nau4ih vsi4ki ne6ta
aiman baransi from jsagduifeure | Wednesday, 06-04-11
sosososososossjcscyvidfs 3ameen biji elloom
chica from | Wednesday, 23-03-11
you owe me a beer

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