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watch family Guy from | Thursday, 30-12-10
I'm really Glad i discovered this site.Added to my bookmark!
from from from | Monday, 27-12-10
Mr. X from Germany | Wednesday, 10-11-10
THX. This trick is great!
I hope u will show more of that.
JJ from Texas | Wednesday, 03-11-10
A professor from a local college showed me the trick and made a bet with me. I love puzzles and I accepted. He lost and i was on my way out and couldn't accept his bet on a beer, so he gave me his watch instead. He was impressed that i was the only one that had figured it out. My secret was this video. Thanks
rudy from Cali | Tuesday, 12-10-10
he doesnt cheat.. the reason why there is a gap at the end is because the difference in size and if you notice in the 3 move he bumps one a little on accident.. jeez.. ppl accusing the magician of cheating is some what ironic isnt it?

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