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ash from | Monday, 05-12-11
dude, these vids are all really cool, a bunch of wankers that don't have the skills to pull these off with any degree of flair may troll the site but even if a few of the tricks are a little bit transparent, you're spreading more joy in the world than these dickwads. keep it up man!
adam from | Friday, 02-12-11
almost all of these tricks are useless at a bar because they require a dry bottle. who the hell is going to go through the trouble to dry the bottles out for you hunh???? try applicable ticks for real life not just for show
Christopher Barnsley from Birmingham | Wednesday, 23-11-11
The coin vanish trick isnt even worth paying for its obvious how slow the person goes and how lose his cuff is on his shirt thats where it goes.
Psj from | Tuesday, 18-10-11
This website is just great! I've learned alot of bar tricks from you guys ^^ Keep it up!
sunil from bangalore | Thursday, 13-10-11
i want to learn magic trics by you coin magic please learn me

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