A Very Cool Bar Trick

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Ryan from Olympia, WA | Sunday, 05-12-10
Great trick. I've won many-a-bets with this one. Ive even gotten gutsy enough to use HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS!!!
Josh from Gan | Sunday, 14-11-10
Sweet trick but damb dude to much braking of bottles man lol but anyways nice nice very well done
untung from indonesia | Wednesday, 30-06-10
Very very nice
kash from pakistan | Saturday, 22-05-10
salam o alikom ! your tricks are fabolous and easy to entertain friends ,kids etc nice way of entertainment ur doing grt job bro ! just one request from my side please add some more fresh tricks i have learnt many from urs . and i m happy cz ur tricks are free dats more then any thing other website carries ! take care bro peace on u wasalam !
karolis from lithuania | Saturday, 27-03-10

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