Unfair Coin Flip

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Fred from Winchester, UK | Wednesday, 09-11-11
Brendan.... couse it will work if the call is made in mid-air. You simply hear the call, the coin lands in the hand, you feel and, if necssary, flip. Job done!
Brendan from United Kingdom | Tuesday, 04-10-11
The coin is supposed to get called in the air so you wouldn't be able to do this
david from denmark | Monday, 26-09-11
i figured that out in 2 grade:D so i always won and i still do:D:D
stephen from United States | Wednesday, 06-07-11
This is a great video. I can do this so fast now , and I can even control if its head or tails without the other person even knowing. This is great if you want to win, or make the other person feel like they are guessing right every time,(have them call it in the air.)
my name cool guy from norway | Saturday, 18-06-11
lol i cant think that fast :(

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