The Houdini Magic Trick

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Cuyler from | Saturday, 19-11-11
IF you aren't getting this trick to work, here's a tip from an ex-magician. This works by creating a vacuum in the plastic to suck the butt out through the hole. Why are you most likely failing?
1- Air is escaping from the plastic. Usually, this happens on the bottom of the pack. Hold your thumbs along the bottom of the pack tightly to prevent it.
2- You are using 100 mm cigarette butts. Even though the cigarette are bigger, the bottom of the pack is the same dimensions. It is still possible to perform, but harder. Try it with regular 80 mm butts. These two sizes are commonly referred to as "100s" and "kings" sizes.

Hope this helped.
rabito from Adelaide | Friday, 18-11-11
so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spb from Denmark | Thursday, 20-10-11
the video is not working
yawnathan from myanmar | Saturday, 24-09-11
test from | Sunday, 21-08-11

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