The Houdini Magic Trick

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vintage escape magic, the great escape, escape games, magic escape

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deep ghosh from hyderabad | Friday, 15-07-11
wow!!yaar its superb!!!
pit from | Friday, 06-05-11
trying this now :)
Nitin from | Thursday, 05-05-11
LOL awesome dude!
fiona from india | Saturday, 19-03-11
hey look this is my lapto and well i am quietly typing in india but i was born in new york. its so hot in here! any ways i really like that video its so awesome when i have friends over in new york i will show them this trick if i can have my mothers permission that i can get a cigarrette box and a filter or something klike that?
documents from | Friday, 25-02-11
That is fucking awesome! :D thank you guys

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