Magic Smoke Trick

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martijn from groningen | Saturday, 21-01-12
dont do the trick my hand is burned! fucking asses
Gycleannalisa from | Monday, 12-12-11
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Kaveh from Tehran | Friday, 25-11-11
Dude it's amazing i won 20 bucks so far for this trick tnk
caspa the friendlt ghost from glasgow | Tuesday, 08-11-11
@jimmy, coz he'll get kicked out the magik circle. Typical thick head yank.
Per from Sweden | Friday, 04-11-11
Didn't work. Unbelievably frustrating. Do you have different whatchamacall'em...things that you light the matches with in Denmark? Because the matchbox I used didn't work, nearly burned my fingers off. Goddamnit.

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