Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks that work in real life situations!

Our tricks requires no or just a minimal setup and you will be able to perform them everywhere. We focus on spectacular but yet easy-to-do tricks that can be performed without any preparation. And that is exactly the kind of magic tricks you will find in this section.



Coin Through Table

This is a brilliant trick for when ever you are at a dinner party or going out with friends. There is no setup. Just borrow a coin and perform this little miracle.


Special Bonus: We have included two very deceptive coin vanish tricks! This is four tricks in one tutorial!

Coin Vanish Magic Trick

Here is a cool coin vanish that is easy to learn but yet very spectacular. No setup, no gimmicks. Just borrow a coin and vanish it right in front of your spectators eyes! Seconds later you can reproduce the coin in several different ways! A very powerful effect that will give you great reactions.

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