Paperclip Trick

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ronny rafael from pasuruan | Friday, 16-12-11
woooooooooow it is excelente trick
steven harman from Hephzibah Georgia | Wednesday, 26-10-11
Balance rwo forks on tip of tooth picks on edge of glass
:D from Norway | Friday, 07-10-11
Nice u always doing everything great

"marlene from | Sunday, 10-04-11
why dont u ever show your face, i think u should "

because the bar trickers magicians will kill him if he show his face :D lol
Georgi from bulgaria | Sunday, 25-09-11
you are CRAZY :D :D i love you :D :D
Mathias from | Friday, 05-08-11
Amazing trick :) (even if it's not really a trick)

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