Paperclip Trick

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mark from auburn,me | Thursday, 02-12-10
slick.... thats cool..... my kids love it!!!!!!!!!!!
kalin from | Saturday, 27-11-10
Mr. X from Germany | Wednesday, 10-11-10
THX. This trick is very very very easy but it impresses people very much. Great!
I want more of that ;-)
Rodolfo from Algeria | Monday, 08-11-10
Aguante el porro... Te digo que haciendo esto te cagas de hambre hijo de remil puta, forro, aprende a hacer otra cosa te digo gordo pelotudo.
dc from us | Thursday, 22-07-10
add a rubber band around the bill and the paper clips will attach to the rubber band - nice. That\'s the way I was taught

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