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Danilo Rafael from Guatemala | Tuesday, 04-01-11
this is awesome you are a master
ShivaNataraja from Las Vegas | Thursday, 30-12-10
(This video stopped playing after about 40 seconds.) Good trick idea, though. I got what I needed to do the trick. Thanks.
Niall Alexander from Wales | Tuesday, 21-12-10
Will you show us how to do the coin vanish trick on that video because I don't know how to get on to the magic section (: x
Luis from California | Tuesday, 21-12-10
dude that was awesome i have spent 3 hours watching your videos and i just tried this trick and its 3:16a.m and i tried three wines glasses and i was making some noise sadly no one woke up :( but your trick was awesome
jo long from romania | Tuesday, 23-11-10

Most bar glasses work, they do not need to be crystal, I have tested several types, a standard bar wine glasse makes the best noise/vibration for me. Easy

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