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Wynn from USA, Utah | Sunday, 13-10-13
Try putting two shot glasses side by side. Place a raw egg in one of the glasses. Now without touching anything, get the egg to move to the empty glass.


Blow on the side of the egg, the side opposite the empty glass, blow really hard. The air will go down into the glass holding the egg and the egg will jump over to the other glass.
LUIS CANALES from tuxtla gutierrez chiapas,Mexico | Friday, 12-07-13
i like so much because im a know...
Rui from | Saturday, 30-03-13
Very good
Antonio from U.S. of A. | Tuesday, 26-02-13
I click on trick, video plays, SHOWS me trick... then says to go to
where the same thing happens again. (doesn't show HOW to do it but repeatedly advises you to go to , where you go through the same thing again! DER???
Max from | Thursday, 10-01-13
Nice Trick .. :)
Butt the hard part is to put the cigarette & the coin at first.

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